Viktiga budskap om 11:11

Här är ett fantastiskt budskap om 11/11 från en Qeroschaman som Annika Månstråle Jönsson skickade mig och som jag gärna vill dela vidare.

Don Dante säger så här:

The next 11:11 will be an unprecedented event in the history of the Earth. For the first time the Soul Light Codes will be definitively activated. The same ones that were disabled thousands of years ago.

This is an essential requirement for the arrival of the New Earth: the human being, to ascend, must be complete.
We will recover in this way what belongs to us in its own right: the memory of who we are and why we have come, as well as the capacities that are inherent to us.
But one thing is to recover and another know how to use in this 11:11

For people who are awake, the recovery of those memories and abilities can be a blessing. Many have yearned for it. However, those who are still anchored in the old energy can suddenly find themselves in deep inner chaos. Memories to those who do not find meaning and perceptions that do not understand and that also scare them. It will be necessary that, after that date, the people who work in the service of the Light join forces to help them integrate the process.

Each of us must prepare for this moment in advance:
1. Search for inner peace. A moment of silence a day to listen to the voice of the heart.
2. Consciously receive the sunlight, with the intention of absorbing its healing power and elevating frequencies.
3. Keep the course in the direction indicated by the voice of the heart. What we are is manifested in these days more than ever. The bandages that blinded us fall, barriers that limited us collapsed. Finally, many of us are encouraged to undertake what we have come to do here, in this dimension.
4. Practice the detachment of old limiting patterns. Abandon the thoughts, customs and reactions that feed even the old energy, trying to transform them into light through love.
5. Foster Love in all our relationships, those we love the most and those that connect us with fear. The latter are the ones that will raise us the most if we are able to bathe them with love and acceptance.
6. Receive the energy of the Source in meditation. His influence in our subtle bodies is immense. It has a great transmuting power that frees us and connects us.
7. Feel One. Practice in our visualizations the Union with all that is and with all that exists.

When the time comes, we will receive in our interior a Great Light. That Light brings the activation codes we need to remember. They are codes of a very high vibration. The higher the vibration itself during that more harmonious day will result in the entrance of the Light and its anchorage in each one of us.

That day we must dedicate it especially to the care of our own energy, to the inner balance, to keep the vibration very high. Activities such as meditating, walking in the sun or being in contact with nature are the most recommended.

We must especially avoid everything that disconnects us from our essence. We must feed ourselves with moderation, trying not to eat low vibration foods, such as transgenic meat or vegetables, and perform some physical exercise that helps us activate blood flow, since the Light Codes will be transported through the blood, from the heart to the rest of our body.
The activation will be occurring throughout the day, but we will not fully perceive its effects until the next day, after having slept a minimum of six hours.

Starting on the morning of November 12, many people will feel the deep desire to give a complete turn to their lives, others will embark on their way with renewed strength and others will feel a great internal confusion. The effects will vary depending on the degree of evolution of each one and the resistance that is opposing the process of change that we are all experiencing.

The objective of this activation is to eliminate the limitations that, from within ourselves, are preventing us from evolving or awakening. It is not an interference in the free will of human beings. It is about eliminating a limitation that was imposed on us thousands of years ago, when some confused beings decided to interfere in our evolutionary process.

On 11/11 there will be a great activation, but it will not be the last. Great events await us around the corner. Let us receive them with love, free of fears and concerns, because the kingdom of Light arrives to Earth, and that deserves a great celebration ... a lot of munay and blessings for all my brothers and sisters of the whole planet earth of Pachamama, urpichay sonkoy tukuy sonkoymi llapayquichispaq hatun púnchay kasun chay chunka oqniyoc chunka oqniyoc púnchay ... HAYAYA

11 nov 2017

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